Knit One : Welcome!

Hello hello! Thanks for stopping by my little neocities site. I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing, but I will try my best. I think this is just going to be a fun thing to take up some of my time? Who knows? Maybe it'll expand into something crazy. Right now, though? Lets keep it simple.

Navigation is projected to be as follows:
K1 : Home Base, Quick Intro, How to Navigate
P2 : Weekly Update
K3TOG : Current Projects and Progress
SSK : Looking Back to Go Forward (Commentary)
M1TBL : Links to Social Media, Email Form

Purl Two : Week 12 of 2020

Things that happened this week: The site was made! Deal with it.

Knit 3 Together : Current Projects

  • I'll get around to this
  • and put little progress bars in here
  • cause i love playing with percentages
  • and it makes me feel clever.
  • I'm making a SWEATER

Slip Slip Knit : Commentary

It turns out I've totally forgotten how to do forms so... putting together the m1tbl section is literally just this useless table that thinks its a contact form. I'm sure its something simple I can do to fix it, but its hard getting old, I tell you what.

Something else worth noting: My sweater only needs the arms done on it, so I think I'm doing pretty good.

Make One Through Back Loop : Find Me

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