About you. Short and sweet, long and elaborate. Droning and sleep-inducing. Flowery and gratuitous. Your choice. Meanwhile I will be providing you like a good citizen that I am,

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A sudden

This is not what you wanted Not what you had in mind Vacuous winter stare worn out version of yourself Too tough to fall But not strong enough to turn A well spent time in the early morning haze You sit and wait Watching full glasses Through blank eye


Catch a moth Hold it in my hand Crush it casually Without past I can't disappoint My ancestry


Like the naked leads the blind I know I'm selfish I'm unkind Sucker love I always find Someone to bruise and leave behind


And I forget Just what I taste Oh yeah I guess that makes me smile It's hard to find I found it hard Oh well Whatever Nevermind Hello, hello Hello, how low


What is this, some kind of fake FAQ?
Do you really have nothing to do with your life to have time to make fake FAQs?
I have too much time on my hands.
Do people even ask you questions?
Then why?
1) It's fun 2) I know some people will put some questions anyway even ones that are never asked because they like to pretend they're being showered with so much attention from curious anons that they have to make a FAQ to stop repeat questions. In reality, you're just as nobody as I am.
How if I need more of these?
Oh you poor popular thing! Are you composing an IQ test question set? You know what to do.
Follow the pattern?
O Master! Your question transcends the diversity of ones being showcased here! Hereby I present you my ask box for you to type your madness-inducing questions. I shall reply when time permits me some leisure to do so I mean, your disclaimer here, if you still need any.